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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We are glad to welcome you on the website of our company EL Corazon®. Our company sells decorative cosmetics in Russia und CIS-countries under own brand names EL Corazon® and Kaleidoscope®.

The modern rhythm of life sets its standards in the makeup art: quick application, stable formula. The collection of decorative cosmetics EL Corazon® meets all of these requirements.
We offer you a wide range of professional and decorative cosmetics under the brand EL Corazon® for makeup designers and non-professional users: eyebrow shadow, cheek color, face powder, liners and eye pencils and lip pens, shadow-pen, lip gloss, moistening and fluid lip stick, decorative professional nail varnish, nail treatment remedy for manicure and pedicure, nail varnish remover and nail varnish diluter and numerous accessories: cosmetics bags, cheek color brushes, glass nail files, nail stones and nail stickers.

In earlier days contour pencils for eyes, eyebrows and lips were the most important elements of the cosmetics. But cosmetic laboratories put them aside for a while. And nowadays they are an integral part of cosmetics bags again.
Modern technologies and scientific research results of leading German cosmeticians were implemented in a range of contour pencils EL Corazon®.

Eyebrow pencil EL Corazon®

The attractiveness, expression and proportions correctness of a female face depend on the eyebrow color and form in many ways. A good form makes the eyes look more open and hides the traces of tiredness, makes the face younger and the glance more mysterious. The tradition to color eyebrows and giving them a certain shape dates back to earlier times.
Today every modern woman of fashion dreams of ideal beautifully curved and contoured eyebrows. Correctly colored eyebrows can bring good results. In this case eyebrow pencils EL Corazon® will help you. A thin pencil lead is for a homogenous line, contour brush is for blending and alignment, and natural colors are for an exact eyebrows makeup. The color palette of eyebrow pencils EL Corazon® consists of thirteen color tints. And the variety of colors can meet demands not only of dark-haired and chestnut-haired women but even of the most demanding fair-haired women.

Eye pencil EL Corazon®

The company EL Corazon® sets rather high requirements to eye pencils pigments because they contact with the eye mucous coat. They do not contain parabens, they are soft and can be applied evenly, and thanks to the natural ingredients they have a lasting color. Due to a special formula it smoothly glides and delivers precise line easily. It is smudge resistant and does not imprint on the eyebrow at all. And moreover the eye pencil EL Corazon® can be perfectly blended with a finger or a brush. And with it help it is very easy to create the makeup Smoky Eyes.
The collection EL Corazon® contains the eye pencil Kajal. Since it contains antiseptic agents and carbon black, such pencils can be used for lining the inner eyebrow alongside the eyelash line. They do not irritate the mucous coat and they are hypoallergic.
Automatic eye pencils EL Corazon® with a twisting in and out mechanism has a unique texture that combines a soft appliance and a lasting contour. The pencil lead does not need to be sharpened.
The collection EL Corazon® includes a great number of color tints of contour eye pencils. Every woman can make the best choice in such variety to emphasize the beauty of her eyes and create the precision of the natural lines.

Lip pencil EL Corazon®

None of makeup can be completed without a precise and elegant lip line. A lip pencil is a perfect thing to make lips more expressive. It can be even used for correcting contours of the lips.
Lip pencils EL Corazon® have a magnificent color. The color can be easily applied, emphasize contours very effectively and prevent early fading of lipstick. The German quality and an optimized formula with vitamin E contained give an absolutely comfortable feeling to the lips.
How to choose a lip pencil is an incredibly actual issue for every woman. But a manifold palette of lip pencils EL Corazon®, consisting of 62 stylish and actual tints of automatic pencils and 64 tints of wooden lip pencils makes this choice quite possible. The main thing is to choose a pencil ton matching the lip stick tone.
A colorless lip pencil is a long-expected product in cosmetics EL Corazon®. Its complex chemical composition has absolutely unique characteristics and is a three-in-one remedy. This pencil had been developed for many years. A lot of prototype models were created, unless the quality that is required for this product was achieved. And it can be treated as a real savior. Thanks to this pencil the lip stick is smudge resistant. It builds an inaccessible border. Moreover the texture of the colorless lip stick EL Corazon® is so light that you immediately forget that you have it on your lips. And the most important thing is it�s ability to improve the imperfection of the lip contour skillfully.

Shadow-pen EL Corazon®

Shadow-pen is an outstanding compact variant of two remedies in one. It is a unique product- silk, damp-proof shadow in pencil form. A cream-colored, almost weightless, shimmering shadow-pen EL Corazon® is easy to apply on the eyebrows. And they give the glance a tender radiance. A soft pen advantageously enhance your eyes. The collection provides both matte and shining effect for your eyes. The product is designed for makeup of different types � from traditional to extravagant. Due to a superstable product formula, the shadows stay on your eyes during the day, do not crease and do not imprint. Highly pigmented texture enables to produce the willing effect with one touch. The formula contains components preventing skin aging and formation of mimic wrinkles. Thanks to the content of light reflecting particles the shadow-pen EL Corazon® disguises shortcomings on the eyebrow skin. Its hypoallergic formula enables to use it even for very sensitive eyes.
The shadow-pen EL Corazon® is presented in a wide color range consisting of about 60 colors and meets modern stylish trends.

Eye liner EL Corazon®

The great time of makeup began undoubtedly in the sixties-eighties of the XX century after such stars like Bridgit Bardot and Maria Callas, who were famous for their eye makeup. That was the time when the fashion for precise defined eyes appeared. Although this fashion has been constantly renewed and completed, for forty years it remains unchanged. And the precise eye lining has become an integral part of many types of makeup.
The eye liner is the fastest and most simple way to emphasize eyes. Sometimes it can be only a thin line like in the times of Marilyn Monroe. Sometimes it is a wide arrow like in the 60-ties. But the �cosmetic� version of a line is in fashion every season.
A tough brush applicator for fluid eyebrow liner EL Corazon® helps to create lines of necessary thickness. Thanks to a particular flacon form the painting liquid will not spill out even if the tube is opened and will not dry out during a long storage. The liner EL Corazon® has a stable formula and rather stable texture, nevertheless special makeup removers are not required. The eye liner El Corazon is damp-proof. When you apply a contour on the eyebrows the remedy dries out in one minute and you will have a stable eye makeup. The liner does not contain allergic components and can be used for sensitive eyes.
And a new liner EL Corazon® with a soft brush looks like a toy. Take it in your hand and you will have no wish to part with it. Seven wonderful sparkling tints, a thin elastic brush help you to make a very accurate graceful line, which will emphasize the color and depth of your inimitable eyes.
Due to the variety of colors and tints and the gloss, that is contained in the colored liner EL Corazon® you can apply easily an unconventional glistening contour and build up your inimitable image.

Eye shadow EL Corazon®

Poets have been poetized the beauty of female eyes over the course of history. And ladies improve their �eye making� skills in their turn. But it is not enough to gain the reputation of a coquette. Eye shadow is the main female weapon in the struggle for the beauty of eyes, because only deep, intense and dramatic look helps women to become genuine seducers.
The treatment components in the formula of the eye shadow EL Corazon® protect tender eyelid skin, do not overdry it and therefore they do not cause wrinkles. Light reflecting particles added to the eyeshadow do not cause irritation and visually diminish small wrinkles around the eyes. Adhesives hold them together up to 12 hours and help them to be applied easily and not to smear. Due to soft pressing they can be applied not only with an applicator but simply with a finger cushions. Due to a new professional formula the shadow will not be crumbled in your beauty bag.
The collection of eyeshadow EL Corazon® consists of twelve sets of 5-color shadows and 120 compact mono shadows.
5-color eyeshadow EL Corazon® appeared in March 2011 with the most actual tints of the season. It delivers brightness and expressivity to the glance and quickly found their admirers at the market. Saturated glistening tints and silk texture glide perfectly and can be evenly blinded on the skin. Using this set can easily make a superstylish makeup Smoky Eyes.
Compact mono shadow EL Corazon® comes in pearl colored and matte tints. Pearl colored eyeshadow is tender like atlas. Thanks to the high concentration of pearl shadow is iridescent and deliver sparkling and shine to your glance. And matte tints enhance the expressivity of the eyes and make your look more attractive. Matte eyeshadow is ideal for a classic makeup that suits a woman of each age.
We offer professional 5-color eyeshadow palettes EL Corazon® in 12 sets. And two palettes of compact mono shadow that come in thirty colors. A harmonic combination of colors in one palette allows for perfect mixed tints that can help you to enhance the beauty of the eyes and make your glance more open. One packing contains warm and cold tints which provide you with ability to choose makeup for eyes of each color. No matter you use these palettes for professional or non-professional makeup. You will create an incredibly effective image and an astonishing result anyway!
With the help of a powder and cheek color tender fresh, velvety skin tint, healthy glow, beautiful oval face, completed and sophisticated makeup can be achieved. The main point is to choose properly the color and the texture.

Powder EL Corazon®

Powder has been always an essential part of cosmetics for many centuries. It was used for skin treatment long ago. It delivered matte light or slightly sunbrowned effects to the skin in accordance with fashion. Since the time out of mind, long before Egyptian women began to use powder, the people in many countries had applied various compositions from clay or limestone basis on their skin. And they did it not for the sake of beauty but with a certain intention to escape evil ghosts in which people at that time believed.
In the modern world powder is an important component of high quality makeup too. And if it does not save from evil ghosts it will make the face features more graceful undoubtedly. It delivers also velvet shine to the skin, fixates the makeup and hides wrinkles.
Professional fine light powder EL Corazon® with natural mineral components meets all the modern requirements. Raisin-seed oil that powder contains slows down aging processes and does not dry the skin. Powder has an aligning effect, delivers an even tint effect, makes the tint matte and almost invisible. It contains UVA and UVB-filters. It protects the skin from external influences and delivers more tender and silk tint to the skin.
The professional palette of powder EL Corazon® consists of 9 actual tints. They can be mixed together or they also can be used separately. With their help it is quite easy to emphasize the attractiveness of a face and obtain varieties of makeups.

Cheek color EL Corazon®

The collection of cheek color EL Corazon® consists of 20 tints and each of them adapts to the skin color and structure. They make their wonderful effect invisible. And as a result the sophisticated makeup looks quite naturally. A special formula provides skin with silkiness and makes color cheek long-lasting. It can be applied easily, has protective qualities, provides comfort and skin preservation. Specific pigments and silicones contained in it deliver clean, beautiful and intensive color and make the application process easier.
Thanks to specific tight pressing cheek color can be put out efficiently. And you will enjoy very much a comfortable packing with a mirror on the reverse side.
With the help of a professional palette of cheek color EL Corazon® of 20 tints you can mix tints in right proportion and apply colored lines that will make your makeup completed.

As specialists and the majority of attentive men know that only female lips are able to express an endless number of various emotions. Astonishment, interest, joy, embarrassment, doubt, tenderness, pride - without saying a word each lady can smile and say everything with it. Why not to enhance this graceful female decoration, to make it brighter and more inimitable? We suggest you to take a look at the assortment of lip glosses, moistening and fluid lip sticks EL Corazon®.

Lip gloss EL Corazon®

Lip gloss became popular in the end of the XVIII beginning of the XIX century.It was used by French waiting ladies. Something cross a fluid lip stick and greasy cheek color was put in painted boxes and applied with fingers. The first product, that had an ordinary form, was produced in 1932. Its formula was invented by Max Factor, who was the father of the modern cosmetics.
Lip gloss EL Corazon® combines several functions, the main of them are the decorative and treatment functions. It makes makeup to look like natural, to deliver an additional volume and shining to the lips. It also treats lips in different way: moistens, saturates with nourishing components, protects them from ultraviolet.
A unique formula creates an effect of moisten, sensitive and treated lips, and does not leave feeling of dryness and discomfort and also contains components, preventing �adhesion� effect. And light reflecting particles enlarge the volume of the lips visually. Weightless third-dimensional particles, an exclusive "3D" pearl processing technology, create an incredible shine and enable to get various shine tints that can be seen from different angles. Silver and golden crumbles saturate the color and make it deeper and also enhance the light reflection. The collection of lip glosses EL Corazon® comes in more then 100 blinding tones.

Moistening lip stick EL Corazon®

Ancient Egyptian women so appreciated bright lips that they were ready to risk their health. Because they used remedies on bromine and iodine basis, later the Egyptian invention was called a �kiss of death�.
Today the lip stick is absolutely safe for health in comparison with its ancient ancestors. The hazardous substances were replaced with safe for health painting pigments many years ago. As for the formula of the moistening lip stick EL Corazon®, it contains many useful ingredients. The lip stick gives rich, expressive tint to the lips, moistens lips and makes them younger, protects tender skin from the harmful influence of ultraviolet.
Women in the ancient Babylon about five millenniums ago got bright and sparkling lips shine having mixed half-precious stones grinded to finest particles. Having today a super shining moistening lip stick EL Corazon®, Nr. 400 and Nr. 500, containing 13 blending tints there is no need to do it. Be in the center of fashion and build up your glamorous image with the new super shining lip stick of the company EL Corazon®.
The tender texture of the moistening lip stick EL Corazon®, Nr. 01 and Nr. 85, deserves particular attention, the lipstick causes a pleasant feeling after the first application. The EL Corazon® laboratory developed a special "light crystals", which prevents the lip stick from smearing and keeps saturation and fresh tints for a long time.
The matte lip stick EL Corazon®, Nr. 201-Nr. 257 has a high coating quality and differs from other lip sticks thanks to a remarkable particularity � it gains color. Each new layer increases the color intensity. Makeup made with a matte lip stick looks delicately and noble. The lip stick EL Corazon® is created on the basis of bees, candelilla, carnauba wax, and as for the matte effect, it was achieved due to a great content of powder in the lip stick. A matte lip stick looks very elegant.
The company EL Corazon® is ready to offer to women moistening lip stick of various textures, all colors and tints that can satisfy a very demanding taste. And a modern case design will also serve as a decoration like a ring or bracelet.

Fluid lip stick EL Corazon®

It does not matter where are you and with whom. The only thing that counts is how you look. And you look marvelous thanks mostly to fluid lip stick EL Corazon®. A lip stick with marvelous tints will give to your lips tenderness of flower petals, mirror shine, saturated color and volume that stays during the whole day. The formula of the lip stick with avocado oil is stable although it does not require special removers. Silicone oils contained in the fluid lip stick EL Corazon® smoothen wrinkles. And small corrugations help to evenly distribute the lip stick on the lips surface. Vitamines the lip stick contains treat tender skin helping it to remain young for a long time.
The palette of 51 tints allows you to do the best choice.
Lacquer fluid lip stick is the newest development of the company EL Corazon®. It has not only a perfect coating ability like classic lip sticks but also gives a stylish "wet lips effect" to the lips like lip glosses. The collection consists of 13 graceful shining colors. After application of a lacquer lip stick your lips will feel comfortable and wet due to a good treatment system in the lip stick formula. It is enough to apply it onto the lips once to become its permanent adorer.
The new collection EL Corazon® offers a lasting fluid lip stick consists of 10 tints. It surprises not only by a new super shining structure but also by a heart-shaped applicator. Its special form allows for taking a larger amount of mass from the flacon to have your lips coat with a thick layer after the first application. And the fine tip of the heart-shaped applicator contours your lips accurately.
The second new collection of lasting lip sticks consists of 10 tender caramel colored tints with a stylish "pale lips effect". Keep with the time! And be in the center of fashion with EL Corazon®!

Today you can buy nail varnish everywhere and from each company selling decorative cosmetics. The only difference is that some of them are not of the perfect quality. You can be sure that clients will be pleased and the reputation of your company will not suffer buying only professional nail polish. We would like to present decorative professional nail varnishes under the brands EL Corazon® and Kaleidoscope®. All the nail varnishes have quality certificates therefore you can be sure that you buy product of a decent quality.

Nail varnish EL Corazon®

The palette of varnishes EL Corazon® provides you with a great number of color tints, from tender pearl colored tints to bright buoyant varnish colors that are suitable for each case and mood.
If you wish to have an ideal manicure, living in accordance with modern rhythmus of life, the range of varnishes with the formula Express Effect is the right thing for you. The high quality of this formula allows you to make an even and quick application in order to have a modern manicure. The elastic and lasting varnish of the range Express Effect dries out less then in 90 seconds due to the balanced content of solvents and painting pigments. A rich color palette of varnishes EL Corazon® Express Effect is developed to meet modern fashion trends and contains 110 tints.
The collection from EL Corazon® Glamour consists of 37 glamorous tints of cold and warm color range. The product line Glamour is a nail varnish of a new generation. It has both decorative and healing properties. The nail plate is strengthened due to active minerals the varnish contains. The layer of this varnish will be not transparent even after the first application and holds on natural and artificial nails 5 days at least.
The collection from EL Corazon® Magic Shine, consists of 27 tints. Every woman will be enchanted by its fascinating tints, bright colors and magic shine that have been achieved due to the use of newest pigments Ronastar from Merk. You will get a thick coating on your nails even after the first layer!
The collection of nail varnishes Confetti is a unique product developed by EL Corazon®! An unusual effect of the texture and shine combination is achieved due to a 20-25% spangles concentration (unlike varnishes of other brands in the glitter range with the maximum 2-5% concentration). The collection Confetti contains special cosmetic spangles that do not paint the basis and change it�s color, and they are very small - only 100 micron. This helps to reach an uncommon effect of a rough-velvety glistening structure. The innovation of the formula allows to remove the varnish from the nails with each remover without efforts. Thanks to a beautiful flacon the varnish of the range Confetti will be a real decoration of each cosmetic bag!
The full range of nail varnishes EL Corazon® has 18 collections for each taste. And paint for nail design EL Corazon® on lacquer basis presented in this collection as well. A fine brush delivers in a thin line. All the colors are saturated and rich, enameled and with glitter spangles/ With their help you can create a perfect design.
The company EL Corazon® renews the varnish assortment constantly. In the middle of 2011 a new collection of crackling nail varnishes Crackle on lacquer basis came into sale. Crackle is a superstylish nail varnish on lacquer basis. It comes in nineteen stylish tints for manicure with crackling effect, including gold and silver effects. What is the secret of a crackling manicure? The nails are coated with two layers. First you put a normal nail varnish and then apply the crackling coating. The coating �shrinks together�. As a result you will get a picture of cracks on your nails. Each nail has a unique picture that looks like a python. All images are different on each nail. The innovative development EL Corazon® is the upper coating Top Coat for Crackle. It will not only prolong the manicure life but also give a fantastic shine and radiance to each varnish due to glistening holographic spangles the varnish contains!

Nail varnish Kaleidoscope® by EL Corazon®

In the beginning of 2012 the company EL Corazon® presented a new collection of nail varnishes under the brand name Kaleidoscope® heat seal lacquer consisting of 8 tins. The main advantage of heat seal lacquers is that they change their color depending on the body or environment temperature. If �ou have short nails the color transition will be smooth and if the nails are long the color transition will be contrasting. This magic effect occurs when the environment temperature changes. That�s why the winter is the best period for using the heat seal lacquers.
And the exclusive heat seal lacquer with crackling effect from the company EL Corazon® will impressed a lot any representative of the fairer sex. Nail varnishes of this range not only react to the temperature but also have a stylish crackling effect. Today 12 tints of heat seal lacquers and 4 tints of heat seal crackling lacquers from the collection of heat seal lacquers under the brand Kaleidoscope® are presented on the market.
Magnetic nail EL Corazon® varnishes are something new and uncommon in the world called "nail design". It is the latest development in the technology of creating unusual effects and the best way of making your manicure entirely incredible! Creation of such nail composition requires a magnetic varnish and a magnet. Special particles contained in the varnish create "metallic" patterns on the nails. You can create a fascinating 3D design right on your nails beautifully, easily and quickly!

Many women care about the state of their nails. They would like to have them beautiful and healthy. If the nails grow bad, peel, crack, spots or notches appear on them, they need cure and treatment. That�s why the company EL Corazon® developed a whole range of nail cure and treatment remedies EL Corazon® and Iron hardness.

Nail cure EL Corazon®

Quite a few people like to visit a nail care specialists regularly. Most of the people prefer to do all the nail cure job themselves using only a file, scissors and cosmetic nail care remedies. Our company EL Corazon® offers a wide range of products that are needed to keep your nail in perfect condition. We provide our customers with nail care products designed for improving the state of nails, varnish diluters, varnish removers, cuticle care agents, remedies for the reconstruction of broken nails.
Nail care remedies EL Corazon® contain natural care components, extractions and vitamins, various oils with active additives, herbs, sea algaes extractions, quick drying with light filters, upper coating with UV light, various remedies for cuticle care containing vitamins.
An absolute hits of nail care products EL Corazon® are Iron hardness Nr. 418 and natural Biogel Nr. 423. After the first application of natural Biogel your nail will look like extended nails. Biogel provides a sudden visual effect. But the main advantage of this product is that it strengthens the nail plate gradually and some times later the nail looks like an artificial one. But it is still your natural nail. Your nails will become hard and a nail plate becomes thicker. The chemical composition consists of the numerous of natural plant substances and minerals: chestnut extraction, nettle extraction, extraction of sea algaes, quartz, formaldehyde, renitil palmitate (vitamin A) and a variety of ingredients that created a unique effect! The product can be removed from the nails with simple manicure removers. It can be used as a basis for a decorative varnish or as a natural manicure that will cure the nails. The Biogel is easy to apply, dries out quickly and gives shine to your nails!
In the beginning of 2011 the company EL Corazon® produced nail care products under the trade name Iron hardness. This line of products includes everything that is necessary for gracious manicure: a range of products for nails strengthening and healthy nails growth, aromatic oils for cuticles, fixing agent with acryl and holographic spangles, quick drying agent. Using of all these nail care products will give a pleasure for you!
At the end of 2011 the company EL Corazon® produced a professional range of nail care products with 75 ml volume. Fixing agent with acryl Nr. 402, quick drying agent Nr. 417, product �Iron hardness� Nr. 418, drop drier with fugitive silicones Nr. 420, the upper fixating coating with acryl and holographic stylish spangles Nr. 421, natural active BIO-GEL Nr. 423, matte nail strengthener �Iron strength� Nr. 432 were the absolute hits of the cure range EL Corazon®.
Many women were able to reconstruct their nails and gain perfect results using the cure range EL Corazon®.

Accessories of the company EL Corazon®

It is very important to choose decorative cosmetics or a cosmetic product for your skin correctly. But none makeup is possible without appropriate cosmetic application tools. And what is more a comfortable and beautiful accessory serves as a perfect addition to the main product range.
Our company takes care of its customers and values their time. That�s why it produces a number of accessories under its brand EL Corazon® for the clients� comfort. You can buy brushes for cheek color, nail files, cosmetic sharpeners, cosmetic bags, stickers and stones for nail design at one place without wasting your time in order to find something that you need.

Nail file EL Corazon®

Every woman of any age and any social status has this item in her cosmetic bag. No matter what the cosmetic bag is made of: metal or paper, ceramics or crystal, saphire or glass, teflon or fur. It serves our nails, giving them shape, eliminating quick problems like unexpectedly broken nails for example. And sometimes it can be used even for nail bed massage.
It can have a various shape, color, serve various purposes, but it has only one denomination � nail file! The nail file remains one of the most important tools for an accurate manicure. Even if you go to a beauty salon regularly and satisfied with your cosmetician you need to file your nails from time to time by yourself. The most expensive nail is not the one that has a higher price but that one that delivers the best quality and is easy-to-handle.
A nail file EL Corazon® of bohemian crystal has a microcrystalline notch, applied with a laser. The file accurately handles the nail plate without injuring it. Using of metallic files caused small cracks and the nails begin to peel. That's why a cosmetic bag of every modern woman has to contain a two-sided glass file EL Corazon® in a neat case. The file surface does not wear out, it can be washed with water, sterilized or boiled.

Pencil sharpeners EL Corazon®

Before a special pencil sharpener was created pencils were whittled with a knife. Pencil sharpeners made this process much easier. And it can sharpen pencils more evenly.
The sharpeners EL Corazon® are made of a high quality German steal with laser blade sharpening. There are five types of sharpeners EL Corazon®. Some of them are with a container for cutting chip collection and without it, with diameter for thin and thick pencils. Pencil sharpeners EL Corazon® will make the process of sharpening enjoyable and pleasant. No matter what is the cover of a pencil made of - wood, paraffin or plastic, it can be sharpened quickly and softly anyway.

Brush for cheek color EL Corazon®

The times when the aristocratic paleness was very stylish have gone away long ago. Nowadays a snow-white face with light blue veins is replaced with a healthy glow. Unfortunately, a very few women or girls can boast of rosy cheeks. But no one wants to look pale and unattractively. They say in earlier times girls were shrewd and rubbed their faces with a beet, now there is no need to perform this procedure. Healthy glow can be obtained with a cheek color any time you want. You should use a brush for cheek color EL Corazon® in order to apply cheek color correctly.
The brush for cheek color EL Corazon® is made of natural sheep hairs, feels soft, and is very convenient to use. It is designed for the application of dry, compact, crumbly and ball-type cheek colors. An even silhouette and special form provides an even distribution of cheek color.

Cosmetic bags EL Corazon®

A cosmetic bag is a devoted friend of every girl and you can find it in each handbag.
Convenient and beautiful cosmetic bags with a sewed logo EL Corazon®, are made of high quality material of a trapezoid shape, cone shape, clutch and travelling bag. They are not only a depositary for lady's valuable items, such as beauty bag, brushes, pincers e.t.c. But what is more it is a stylish accessory.

The nail decoration is very stylish and effective today. Classic one-color manicure was replaced with bright multi colored nails with beautiful patterns and pictures, decorated with various stones and piercing. The nail decoration is not a difficult job and any woman can master this art.

Nail stickers EL Corazon®

The nail art combines the creative imagination of an artist and various methods and ways of applying it on nails. Some of the most widespread and popular types of nail art include manual stick-on-nail-art. Nail stickers are an integral part of stick-on-nail-art where these stickers are used for improving the appearance and the attractiveness of the nails. It is a good variant for those who are not skilled enough in nail design techniques. And it can easily be applied on one�s own at home.
Nail stickers are very popular because they can be applied easily and quickly and can make your nails look glamorous and stylish instantly. There are stickers of different kinds: French (decorate smile area or are put onto the free nail end), application (with a transparent background), manicure (picture with a non-transparent background), pedicure, that differs from manicure only in sticker�s size. We offer varieties of images: from abstraction to a certain plot. Beside traditional butterflies and flowers we also use characters of cartoons, photos of animals, nature, fruit, landscape paintings, still lifes, photos of famous paintings, authorial photos, lace, Gzhel, Zhostovo. Nail design with aluminum foil looks very gorgeous most of all. Stickers with aluminum foil contain a variety of colors and their tints, patterns and other visual effects.
Another new product in the field of nail design is a Slider design. Slider design is an art painting, applied on a super thin firm tape that includes several design styles. It can be easily applied and takes the shape of a nail. Slider design can be combined with varnish. And it can be used in modeling nails with acryl or gel as well. The result of Slider design application is close to manually painted pictures. As it is easy-to-use any cosmetician, despite of his qualification level, can create an artwork of nail design in 5-6 minutes.

We offer to our customers various models, colors and forms of stickers. The range of stickers EL Corazon® is very wide and is suitable for each age: white and black lace, white-black and colored flowers, angels, hearts, various ornaments, holographic butterflies and dragons. And stickers with stones EL Corazon® can enhance the shine of manicure and make it blending and irresistible.
Nail stickers EL Corazon® can be perfect addition to manicure! Do not forget that well-groomed hands are the pride of every woman!

Nail stones EL Corazon®

These are small multi colored stones that are easy to stick on nails. Thanks to the wide range of colors, sizes and materials they are made of they can be easily matched with every varnish color and garments. This effective design material can give additional shine to every variant and make it completed. The company EL Corazon® offers acryl and glass nail stones.
Due to a great variety of colors and forms of acryl and glass nail stones EL Corazon® you can decorate your nails and they will become exquisite. We recommend you to use glue from the company EL Corazon® for sticking on nail stones.
Nail stones EL Corazon® are not only the most effective way to decorate nails but also is the most economic one! It is quite enough to have only 2-3 packages with nail stones of various kinds to create original ornaments on the nails. Often only 1 or 2 nails of a hand are decorated with nail stones. One package (200-270 pieces) provides you with stones for a very long period of time.
The assortment range of the products offered under the brand EL Corazon® is not small. High product quality and reasonable price for many years have been gained love and confidence of its customers.
With the help of decorative cosmetics and accessories EL Corazon® you can build up your inimitable image choosing the right tint that reflects your mood!

The quality of decorative cosmetics and nail care products of the company EL Corazon® is obtained by using of excellent raw materials, close cooperation with foreign partners who provide us only with safe and allowed for use in Europe components, the use of newest European technologies and well-established quality control system.
The company EL Corazon® is a constant participant of the annual exhibition INTERCHARM professional in Moscow. This is a leading event in the industry of professional cosmetics and equipment for beauty salons in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The exhibition presents professional cosmetics, cosmetics for daily use, equipment for beauty salons and institutes, equipment for spa-salons, equipment for cosmeticians and hairdressers and various services.
The company EL Corazon® also participated in exhibitions in Pyatigorsk, Krasnodar, Sankt-Petersburg, Azerbajdzhan (Baku) as well. It has representative office in Ukraine that also participates in the exhibion InterCHARM-Ukraine every year. The company EL Corazon � is constantly visiting exhibitions abroad COSMOPROF in Italy (Bologne), Beautyworld in Germany (Frankfurt-am-Main), BEAUTY WORLD in Japan (Tokio).
EL Corazon® is a dynamically developing company, it�s constantly expanding the distribution of it�s production and the area of activity. We are glad to cooperate with foreign companies and are looking for new manufacturers and suppliers to extend the range of products we offer. Do you have anything you can offer us? In this case call us or write to us. We will consider any proposal with interest.
We have performed our activity for many years and have gained a reputation of a decent, honest and reliable partner, having become the leading cosmetics product wholesaler.
We are interested only in a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and are ready to offer to our partners the most profitable and interesting conditions.
We hope to see you among our business partners!

OOO "EL Corazon"

Country: RU
City: Moscow
Postal Code: 125130
Street: d7/s7 Kosmodem'yanskih str.
Phone: +7 499 1596060
Contact Fax: +7 499 1501649
Contact E-mail: scarletnew@yandex.ru

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